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No-one, not even the gods are allowed to just be brilliant. Even as we speak, the enemies of Sascha are plotting his final destruction. He's been lied about, slandered in every way, shape and form and even been taken to court! For the full story, read on:

There are those who doubt that Sash! are really the source of their music. After 'Encore Une Fois' completed its reign at Number One, Sascha was accused of plagiary by a rival disc jockey. The producer of Faithless, who is known only as Rollo accused Sash! of stealing parts of his infamous songs, 'Salva Mea' and 'Insomnia'. This of course is very unlikely and even harder to prove. Sascha was furious when he heard this accusation. What was even more shocking was that when Sascha asked the manager of Faithless to talk with Rollo, he refused! Faithless would have had the nerve to take Sash! to court, but musicologists warned against this because the case would have been extremely hard to prove. Fortunately, that was the end of their allegations.

And then history repeated itself...Sash! was again accused of plagiary! This time it was British producer/DJ Andrew Hagerty who claimed that Sash! had been thieving. He said that they've stolen the main hook used in 'Stay'. Andrew has to call himself Kaleid, and he made a track in 1996 called 'Durrel'. Sash! has stated in several interviews that he did NOT steal anything! Every good music star has accusations against them, and the one that infurtiates Sascha is the 'plagiarism plague'. It seems that every single they release, someone thinks they own it. As the Master himself says, 'Sash! is 100 percent original! Everybody who claims otherwise can go to court!'. Andrew Hagerty has now done the unthinkable and taken Sash! to court! The trial began in early February and kept Sash! very busy. Look out for news on this matter. And for the benefit of Sascha, if you see any Net sites claiming that Sash! is a copying fraud, let me know and we'll let Sascha have some peace!

N.B. This page was recently updated after Kaleid himself accessed it. It really moved the Devil!

We at the Tribute now have the official studio equipment used by the one and only SASH! Read on for more!

Console: Amek 2500

Synthis: Roland JP 8000
Roland Juno 60
Moog Mini Moog
Korg Wave Station

Bassline: Roland TB 303

Synthi-Expander: Roland JV 2080
Roland JD 990
EMU Orbit
EMU Planet Earth
EMU Carnaval
Clavia Nord Rack 2
Novation Supernova

Sampler: EMU E4X
Akai S 3200 XL

Effects: Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM 70 and more

Micros: Neumann

DAT: Tascam DA 30 MK2

Computer: Macintosh

Application: Logic Audio 3.1

Recording: Sony 24 Analog
Akai ADAM (2x)
Alesis ADAT (2x)