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Sascha Lappessen's rise to power as the Emperor of Dance Music is one of the most interesting sagas of all time. No doubt, should our beloved God see fit, he will one day compose an epic operetta about it, and persuade a few New Age Vikings to recount the tale for centuries. And now for the bland stuff...

Sash! is undoubtedly the best phenonemon ever to hit our mortal plane. The face of Sash!, Sascha Lappessen, is joined by Ralf 'Kappi' Kappmeier and Thomas Alisson in the production team that has dominated world charts since 1996. Contrary to popular belief, it is more than just one person! According to the German-born Sascha, it's his beloved family, including the group's label, the dancers and most importantly the fans. (Imagine how much he has to spend at Christmas!) Kappi and Thomas have also enjoyed their own success as dance coverband "Minnesota", but real success came with Sash! The three have been joined twice by Frankie McCoy in the production of "Sweat" and "Stay".

Sascha began his rise to fame and ultimate power when he first experimented with the mixing deck at the age of 16. Soon after this he met Ralf Kappmeier and under the group name of Careka, they released some material. However, the debut hit of Sash! was 'It's My Life', and this turned out to be a huge club hit across Europe. This song was a delicious taste of what was to come in the future from the team. Although it did not enter the Top 40 in many countries, the work that the team did in remixing known artists like 2 Unlimited gained much credit in dance label circles. Rumours state that album track "Mighty Break" has also been released as a track, after this time.

Late in 1996 they met Sabine Ohmes, who was to become the unforgettable lyricist of "Encore Une Fois". Simple though they were, the words 'Madames, Monsieurs... le disc jockey Sash! est de retour' were enough to propel this song into the higher reaches of the charts. But as we all know Sash! is one suprise after another, and it soon turned out that Sabine was not even French! She was in fact a friend of Sascha's from southern Germany. Sabine did not remain as principal vocalist, and subsequently formed her own dance act, Encore. Their debut, "Le Disc-Jockey" was warmly greeted by European dancefloors.

Adrian Rodriguez, a talented young and balding Argentine also based in Germany that declared in a loud Spanish voice, "Ecuador", and equally loud was the crowd's screams. This follow-up was an instant smash through Europe and gained a great name as a 1997 Ibiza anthem. The debut album, "It's My Life" followed a week later. This is still doing well throughout European charts, and is 10 times platinum.

La Trec, an attractive American woman based in Holland, and really called Frankie McCoy, took her turn as figurehead when she performed the fourth storming song, "Stay" in the second half of 1997. She was picked up by the team by good fortune, because she was recording a commerical in the adjacent studio when the album was in production. They liked her enough to ask her to contribute her skills to some tracks, two of which featured on the album.

"La Primavera" followed in early 1998, featuring vocals from Patrizia Salvatore. Not so much is known about her talent, although it is said that she's American also and does not speak a word of Italian.

The next single, "Mysterious Time" conquered the UK charts by storming right back to the traditional Sash! throne at Number 2. Selling more records than almost ANYONE ELSE, the population never really got over this terrific song, as it stayed in the charts longer than any other song (it is still there, hovering in the Top 20!)

The new album "Life Goes On" enjoyed a similar fantastic success, launching straight into the Top 5 of the album chart and within two weeks it had sold more copies in the UK than the debut album had sold world-wide! It's a truly remarkable record, 7 months in the making was really worth it!

We now await the third single, "Move Mania" taken from the album. It's due for release in November.

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